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[BACKSTAGE!!1 It looks like a dressing room, except one wall is currently being played by a giant road roller. There's a vanity strewn with a variety of accessories and makeup. In total there are two sets of costumes in this crowded room: the male half is fairly neatly-hung up--there are a few out of place or left behind, but for the most part, it's not so bad! ... The female costumes, however, are kind of strewn all over the place, haphazardly, like someone tried them on and flung them off without really bothering to put them away again. There is a note, with a big MINIONS WOLVES♥!!! written on it. The handwriting is loopy and flourished and the i's are dotted with hearts and stars, alternatingly.

"Hiiiii, everyone! ✩ So your job is to make sure everything is ready for the next day's performances, okay?? I expect efficiency!! Grace!! SPEED!! If not, Rin-chan will punish you in the name of the mo--"

here, the handwriting switches to something a little more neater and blocky

"If you need anything, please ask. We'd like it if you can have your decisions made before the ousting, because otherwise, Rin will forget. Sorry about the mess. --L"]


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Isn't this nice. [ puts on a pillbox hat ]

I just got back here, and this already? Ugh...

[giving a feather boa a very unsure look]

Hi~~~~~~~~~ ✩

I know it's still a couple of hours yet, but!! Let us know here when you've decided who you want to eat tonight♥

Right, so. I'm in and out and can't really stay windowed for too long, surpraiz company and have no real preference, but I don't want to eat "World is Mine." What about "Servant of Evil" or somethin'? They look like they get the game from what I can tell.

'Course, the ousting could change that.

Zanki, seeing as you've appeared in the clue, I'll have to ask you what your next move is. After all, we can either help or sacrifice your team.

It's your call, of course, but I do so hope you'll change your mind and accept your fellow wolves' help.

If you wish to sacrifice me, do so through one of the sheep. That way there can be suspicion on them instead of you.

I will not admit to the group that I am a wolf, and neither will my partner. I will try to turn questions aside when asked but I am well aware that there are questions that I cannot.

World is Mine is also in the clue. They were the first team to vote on Marlene-san and her team and it's fairly obvious she was innocent. We can use that against them.

Who are we eating tonight? I might have to leave before the ousting ends. I don't think we should eat from the clue for now regardless of who goes up and out — keep the confusion and all that.

I doubt anyone thinks that Blue Bird team is a wolf one, though. Seems like more blokes voted just to even it out than out of suspicion. They've been active, too. By removing them, we could stir some confusion with the sheep. See how that goes. Or we could take out Lord of Darkness, but those girls'd be easy scapegoats, I think. They're too erratic.

I agree with your line of thought and also think that we should eat Team Blue Bird as well.

The more confusion, the better.

And what exactly are you doing?

Hey, you're the one that commented to me. I'm just trying to mix it up here! No one's going to care.

Hey-! I won't be around for ousting so do what you have to, for eating sheep! Maybe a safe sheep? Alternatively, just Akito's team.

No, no reason...

We'll probably be eating Akito's team.

If the Shepherds can see this then let it be known that we want Heart/Miracle to be eaten.

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